What is JIA? 

    JIA, an acronym for “Joy in Action”, was established in August 2004 as a non-profit organization registered in Hong Kong, China.



Value: “Joy in Action” 
    People have different opinions on many social problems.  If everyone only discusses and thinks, these problems will not be solved.  That is why we need take an action.  Everyone could proactively, voluntarily, equally, and organically organize and participate in volunteer activity to eliminate social gaps. Throughout, we give of ourselves. That is Joy in Action.




    To establish Work Camps in Places of Need



Outreach Parameters:
 Target group: Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) recovered villages, schools, etc;
 Location: China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hainan and Hubei provinces);
 Line of work: Work Camp and related activities (publicity, project site events, build community support, etc)




  Work Camps 


    Work Camps are volunteer run activities.  They involve 20-30 volunteers who eat and live together on site (HD village, rural school...). They would organize and be involved in various activities like building projects (houses, bathrooms, water systems etc), social gatherings, educational workshops or household assistance to name but a few.  These camps usually take place over a period of one to three weeks, often during Chinese New Year Holiday, Summer Holiday, the Labors’ and National Holiday, or long weekends.


    Volunteers are JIA's foundation and act as the functional arm to realize JIA's mission.  They collaborate with the JIA office to organize and coordinate Work Camps and they take responsibility for every step of this process; conducting needs assessments, fund raising, recruitment for more volunteers and project training, the actual execution then evaluation of the project.


    As of now, volunteers mainly consist of Chinese university students and citizens and people from various organizations abroad.  


    The essence of a Work Camp lies in the direct involvement of volunteers to improve the local living conditions and to foster cultural exchange. 




Map of Campsites (5 Provinces) 


Download: JIA Introduction.ppt  JIA Introduction.doc